• Who is in The OCEAN?


    Dr. Jennifer byrd-craven

    Professor, Psychology

    OCEAN Co-founding member, Director


    Psychobiology, Developmental psychology, Parenting, Bonding, Hormones & Behavior, Female sociality


    Dr. Byrd-Craven antipcates accepting a graduate student this year (applications due 12/1/22)


    Dr. Bryd-Craven's Psychobiology Lab



    Dr. jaimie arona krems

    Assistant Professor, Psychology

    OCEAN Co-founding member


    Social psychology, Female sociality, Friendship, Stereotyping + Prejudice


    Dr. Krems antipcates accepting a graduate student this year (applications due 12/1/22)


    Dr. Krems' Social & Evolutionary Psychology Lab (SEPL)



    Dr. Daniel sznycer

    Assistant Professor, Psychology

    Social psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Emotion, Valuation, Morality, Law/Institutions


    Dr. Sznycer antipcates accepting a graduate student this year (applications due 12/1/22)


    Dr. Sznycer's Lab



    Dr. Juliana french

    Assistant Professor, Psychology


    Biopsychology, Behavioral endocrinology, Hormones, Romantic relationships, Marriage, Social Psychology


    Dr. French antipcates accepting a graduate student this year (applications due 12/1/22)


    Dr. French's Evolution & Relationships at Oklahoma State (EROS) Lab




    Associate Professor, Integrative Biology

    Human behavioral ecology


    Dr. Towner's Profile



  • // AFFILIATED OSU FACULTY + external advisors //

    Dr. Josh ackerman

    Associate Professor, Psychology, University of Michigan

    Dr. Charles Abramson

    Regents Professor, Psychology, OSU

    Dr. Mark


    Professor, Anthropology, Baylor University



    dr. maryanne fisher

    Professor, Psychology, Saint Mary's University

    Dr. Jennifer GrindStaff

    Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology, OSU


    Dr. shelia kennison


    Psychology, OSU




    dr. douglas kenrick

    President's Professor, Psychology, ASU



    dr. eric


    Research Lead, Trust & Safety, Airbnb



    dr. Shawn Wilder

    Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology, OSU


    dr. annie


    Leader, Naturalistic Social Cognition Research Group, Max Planck


    Vidhi Bansal

    Incoming graduate student, Psychology (Experimental)

    Krystal Duarte

    Graduate student, Psychology (Experimental)

    Laureon Merrie

    Graduate student, Psychology (Experimental)

    Devanshi Patel

    Graduate student, Psychology (Clinical)

    Nina Rodriguez

    Graduate student, Psychology (Experimental)

    Tori Short

    Graduate student, Psychology (Experimental)

    Victoria Spooner

    Graduate student, Psychology (Experimental)

    Yunseo (Nike) Wee

    Graduate student, Psychology (Experimental)


  • // some OCEAN ALUMs //

    Core and affiliated graduate students who spent time in the ocean

    Erin Wood (2021)

    Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Illinois

    Erin HArrington (2021)

    Postdoctoral Researcher, Penn State University

    ray garza (2021)

    Assistant Professor of Psychology, Texas A & M International

    Jarrod Bock (2020)

    Assistant Professor of Psychology,

    Towson University

    Kristen Frosio - Clinical (2020)

    Postdoctoral Researcher, Houston VA

    Nikki Clauss (2019)

    Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Texas Health Science Center

    Emily Keison (2019)

    Research Director, MiMer Center for Equine-Human Education and Research